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Download Octopus Box Samsung Software v.4.0.1 is out! | Latest Version

Octopus Box is a professional device for Samsung cell phone service. This box can be used to unlock, flash and recover Samsung phones, resolve freeze problems and restore IMEI, NVM, camera, and network.

Octoplus Samsung Tool – v4.0.1 Latest Setup Download. This tool is only for Samsung Mobile and is the latest updated software. It has all the models of Samsung which can easily unlock, flash, repair IMEI. This tool is only and only for Samsung smartphones and features phones. This is the setup of the Octoplus box, without the box or dongle, this tool will not open.

Main Octopus features:

  • Direct unlock
  • All locks reset
  • Read phone information
  • Firmware update
  • Read/write full flash and Calibration data files
  • Read firmware version
  • Full factory reset
  • Multilingual software interface: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Ukrainian, Arabic, Hungarian

Depending on the platform, Octopus can perform additional features:

  • LG Qualcomm language packs editor
  • Writing firmware *.m0 files
  • Flashing FullFlash binary files
  • Flashing firmware *.ssw files
  • Single-file flashing
  • Read/write EEPROM
  • Read/Write NVM
  • IMEI repair
  • Fast country change
  • Calibration data restore
  • Format FFS
  • Repair phone reset

Changelog !!!

New version of Octoplus Samsung Software is out!

Dear Community, we thank you for every day out of the 365 days we’ve spent together in 2021.
We wish you prosperity and good luck in all your future endeavors. Make a wish and don't forget to prepare presents for your loved ones! May success and happiness follow you this year!

Octoplus Samsung Software v4.0.1 Release Notes:

Added "Unlock" operation "Factory Sprint Unlock" method for SPR devices:
(supported [binary: ALL] for devices with [knox: ANY] [root: NO])
- SM-A025U
- SM-A115U1
- SM-F926U
- SM-F926U1
- SM-N981U1
- SM-N986U1

Added "Unlock APP operation" for ATT/AIO devices with low security patches:
- SM-A015A
- SM-A015AZ
- SM-A115A
- SM-A115AP
- SM-A115AZ

Improved "Read Codes" for ATT devices with old security patches:

- SM-G960U
- SM-G960U1
- SM-G965U
- SM-G965U1
- SM-G970U
- SM-G970U1
- SM-G973U
- SM-G973U1
- SM-G975U
- SM-G975U1
- SM-G975W
- SM-G977U
- SM-N960U
- SM-N960U1
- SM-N970U
- SM-N970U1
- SM-N975U
- SM-N975U1
- SM-T387AA

Improved Read Codes operations for the following devices:

- SM-A217M
- SM-N770F

Note: Unlock operation is credit-based operation, please check Credits consumption for more details

Download Link: Google Drive | MEGA

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