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OnePlus TooL with Grayed out Oem_Unlock (Bootloader Unlock) enabler & Engineer Decrypt

OnePlus TooL with Grayed-out Oem_Unlock (Bootloader Unlock) enabler & Engineer Decrypt

This tool can do almost everything for you. I have added a method to switch the Oem_Unlock switch on Sim locked devices. It will Hungary the switch so you can flip it and bootloader unlock. It still has all the other tools like the engineer mode decrypt, to enable the app. Also, lots of hidden SECRETS like every one plus device has a hidden copy of busybox already installed. 

and this will access it. Plus this has a long list of dialer codes . There are lots of tools like scrappy and a windows file explorer for your device. I have also added lots of fastboot ADB commands. Please feel free to let me know if anything can be added.


  • Decrypt 10 min Code Enabler
  • Decrypt Forever Code Generator
  • Disable Engineering mode Encryption (ROOT)
  • Encrypt All (Relock Engineering Mode)
  • Open Decrypt window, input code 
  • Engineer Dialer Code
  • Common Commands
  • Unknown Hidden option (Dangeuors)
  • Fastboot tools
  • Box (Hidden Busy Box)
  • Other Tools
  • Enable OEM Unlock (Sim Lock / Greyed Out)
  • Exit

How To Use?👇

Download Link:

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