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[01-02-23] UMTv2/UMTPro QcFire v8.6 New Models Added

[01-02-23] UMTv2/UMTPro QcFire v8.6 New 

Models Added

QcFire v8.6 is a comprehensive tool for Qualcomm-based devices, offering various functions for firmware management, security, and system maintenance. 

The tool provides features such as IMEI repair, backup and restore of EFS, resetting Google Factory Reset Protection (FRP), and pattern lock reset. It also supports functions for popular smartphone brands such as Xiaomi, Vivo, Nokia, Oppo, Samsung, and Huawei. 

With QcFire v8.6, users can unlock bootloaders, and root devices, extract firmware, and perform forensic functions. The tool also offers services for resetting Huawei ID and unlocking MDM on Samsung devices. 

It supports firmware updates and temporary bootloader unlocking for Xiaomi devices. In short, QcFire v8.6 is a powerful tool for Qualcomm-based device users, offering a wide range of functions and services for device management and maintenance.

UMT QCFire Tool is a hardware dongle-based one-click repair program specially developed to simpler the repairing, unlocking, and flashing process of any Qualcomm-powered Android smartphone & tablet. You can use it to flash the firmware and remove Pattern/Password/Pin/FRP from many Android devices including Xiaomi, Huawei, Oppo, Vivo, Meizu, Meitu, Oppo, and Realme. In the following topics, here I manage to share the UMT Qcfire Tool latest setup along with all the old versions.

Previous version:: CLICK ME


- Read / Write Firmware
- Backup / Restore QCN
- IMEI Repair in FTM/Diag + Flash Mode
- Backup / Reset / Restore Security (EFS)
- Reset FRP (Google Factory Reset Protection)
- Format UserData
- Read Pattern Lock (Android < 6.0, Un-Encrypted Devices Only)
- Reset Locks (PIN, Password, Pattern w/o Data Loss, Un-Encrypted Devices Only)
- Enable Diag (Need OEM Unlock, May not work on BL Locked Devices)
- Reboot to EDL from Fastboot
- Reset Mi Account for Xiaomi Devices
- Disable Mi Account for Xiaomi Devices
- Factory Reset (sideload Mode) for Xiaomi Devices
- Disable / Restore Locks for Encrypted Userdata
- Motorola Boot Repair
- Xiaomi EDL Locked Device Service
- Bootloader Unlock in EDL Mode for some Xiaomi Devices
- One Click Root in EDL Mode for Generic Qualcomm Devices
- Forensic Functions (Read Contacts / Messages in EDL Mode)
- One Click Lock Reset for Vivo Phones (Encrypted Userdata)
- Factory Method for Format FS
- EDL Authentication using Xiaomi Auth App (Service Account Required)
- Xiaomi Wipe EFS in Sideload Mode
- Xiaomi IMEI Repair for RSA-Protected Phones
- Xiaomi Boot Loader Unlock
- Unique Method for Vivo Reset Locks for Protected Devices
- Xiaomi EDL Auth Using UMT Server
- Xiaomi Flashing in Fastboot Mode
- Nokia Factory Firmware (nb0) Direct Flashing in EDL mode
- Oppo OFP Firmware Extraction Added
- Xiaomi Free Auth Service (bypass).
- Mi Account Reset without Relock
- Mi Account Patch on Flashing (EDL/Fastboot)
- Samsung MDM Unlock in EDL Mode
- Huawei ID Reset
- Vivo Functions in Fastboot Mode
- Universal Huawei ID Reset
- Xiaomi Sideload Reset FRP/Mi Account
- Xiaomi Sideload Firmware Update
- Xiaomi Temporary BL Unlock - NEW!!!
- Xiaomi Enable Diag (NO ROOT) - NEW!!!


Added UMT QcFire 8.6

Brand Model Description
ASUS ZenFone V (V500KL) -
ASUS ZenPad 7.0 (Z370KL) -
General Mobile GM 9 Pro -
Gionee S11 Lite -
Huawei Honor 5x (KIW-L21) -
Huawei Honor 5x (KIW-L24) -
Huawei Honor 4A (SCL-CL00) -
Huawei Y6 (SCC-U21) -
LeEco Le Max 2 (X820) -
LG G6 (LG-H870) -
LG V20 (LG-F800S) -
LG V20 (LG-F800L) -
LG V20 (LG-LS997) -
LG V20 (LG-H910) -
LG V50 ThinQ 5G (LM-V500) -
LT Mobile W2S (LT610) -
LYF LF-2406 -
LYF LS-5014 -
LYF LS-5018 -
Meizu 16Xs -
Meizu M8c -
Nokia 4.2 (TA-1152) -
Nokia 6.1 (TA-1089) -
Nokia 6.1 Plus (TA-1083) -
Nokia 8.3 5G (TA-1243) -
Nokia 8.3 5G (TA-1251) -
Nokia X2 (RM-1013) -
RED Hydrogen One (H1A1000) -
Samsung Galaxy A11 (SM-A115A) -
Samsung Galaxy S10 (SM-G973U) -
Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus (SM-G975) -
Sonimtech XP8 (XP8800) -
Xiaomi BlackShark 2 (SKW-A0) -
Xiaomi BlackShark 2 (SKW-H0) -
ZTE Nubia M2 (NX551J) -
ZTE Nubia Red Magic 5G (NX659J) -
ZTE Nubia Red Magic 5G Lite (NX651J) -
ZTE Red Magic 6 Pro (NX669J-P) -
Feature Description
Xiaomi FB Flasher Autodetect maximum data size supported to download by the device. Fixed flashing stopped without any error on some firmware. Fixed the "data is too large" error on flashing.
Xiaomi Temp Bootloader Unlock Function Due to issues with some devices, this function is disabled by default. You can still use this function if you want by accepting warning messages. Packs have been removed in favor of a smaller setup size. If you need to pack, download it from Support and put it in \TempBL folder

Download Links:

File Information
Name QcFire v8.6
Size 272.87 MB
Link MediaFire


Compatibility: The tool runs perfectly on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10 (32-bit and 64-bit).

Take a Backup: If you are willing to try the above tool, then please take a backup of your personal data from your Android Smartphone or Tablet. As flashing any Firmware or recovery may brick the device.

Credits: QcFire is created and distributed by the developer. So, full credits go to the developer for sharing the tool for free.


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