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Download Android Multi Tool 1.0.1 - Auth Bypass Qualcomm and MediaTek

Android Multi Tool 1.0.1: A Powerful Solution for Android Device Operations

Are you looking for a flexible tool for your Android mobile that can handle any number of tasks? Android Multi Tool 1.0.1 is the only tool you need. Several popular brands like VIVO, XIAOMI, TECNO, INFINIX, ITEL, REALME, OPPO, and KARBONN are supported by this amazing tool. Android Multi Tool has you covered if you need to perform a factory reset, handle FRP, flash firmware, or take care of other important tasks. 

It is important to have a trusted tool that can successfully execute multiple tasks as Android devices keep growing. The full Android Multi Tool 1.0.1 was created to make managing Android devices simple. If you're a professional or a fan of technology, this tool offers what you need to carry out important tasks easily.

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Features of Android Multi Tool 1.0.1

Factory Reset

The factory reset feature allows you to restore your Android device to its original settings. The tool is allowed you to easily unlock any lock with the help of these features.

Factory Reset and FRP

Android Multi Tool also supports FRP, a security feature that prevents unauthorized access to your device after a factory reset.

Flashing Firmware

Android Multi Tool enables you to flash firmware, allowing you to upgrade your device to the latest software version provided by the manufacturer.

Demo Removal

Android Multi Tool provides an easy solution for removing the demo mode, giving you full control over your device.

Fastboot to EDL

Emergency Download Mode (EDL) is a useful feature that allows you to unbrick or recover your Android device when it's not responding or facing critical issues. Android Multi Tool simplifies the process by providing a fastboot to EDL option, ensuring you can revive your device with ease.

Reset EFS

The EFS (Encrypting File System) on your Android device contains essential system files. In case of corruption or issues, Android Multi Tool enables you to reset the EFS, ensuring the stability and proper functioning of your device.

Factory Reset: Restoring Your Device to Its Original State

Performing a factory reset is sometimes necessary when you want to erase all data and settings on your Android device. Whether you are selling your device or experiencing persistent software issues, Android Multi Tool simplifies the factory reset process, making it quick and hassle-free.

Factory Reset and FRP: Ensuring Device Security

FRP is an important security feature that protects your device from illegal access. When enabled, FRP requires the original Google account credentials after a factory reset. With Android Multi Tool, you can perform a factory reset while ensuring the device remains secure and protected.

Flashing Firmware: Upgrading Your Android Device

Android Multi Tool provides a seamless way to flash firmware, allowing you to install the latest software updates released by the device manufacturer. 

Demo Removal

Demo mode is commonly found on display devices in stores, but sometimes it can get accidentally activated on personal devices. Android Multi Tool offers a simple solution to remove demo mode, ensuring that your device functions as intended without any limitations.

Fastboot to EDL: Emergency Download Mode Made Easy

When your Android device faces critical issues and becomes unresponsive, accessing the Emergency Download Mode (EDL) is essential for recovery. Android Multi Tool simplifies this process by providing a fastboot to EDL option, allowing you to revive your device and restore its functionality.

Reset EFS: Restoring Essential System Files

The EFS (Encrypting File System) contains crucial system files on your Android device. In case of corruption or issues, Android Multi Tool offers a convenient option to reset the EFS, ensuring the stability and proper functioning of your device. Keep your device running smoothly with this handy feature.

Android Multi Tool Credits: Acknowledging the Contributors

Android Multi Tool 1.0.1 wouldn't be possible without the dedicated efforts of the developers and contributors. The tool acknowledges the following credits:

Vivo Auth 10 Credit Vivo PIN/Pattern/FRP/Demo/EFS/EDL/Flash
Free Auth Techno/Infinix/iTel/Realme/SPD
These individuals have played a crucial role in bringing this versatile tool to life and making it available to Android users.


Android Multi Tool 1.0.1 is a valuable asset for anyone seeking efficient Android device management. With its extensive features, including factory reset, FRP support, firmware flashing, demo removal, fastboot to EDL, and EFS reset, this tool simplifies various operations while ensuring the security and stability of your device. Take advantage of the power and versatility offered by Android Multi Tool and streamline your Android device management today.

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