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Download iTunes Backup Explorer for Windows, Mac, Linux -2023

iTunes Backup Explorer for Windows, Mac, Linux: A Powerful Tool for iPhone and iPad Backups

iTunes Backup Explorer comes out as a great open-source service for managing and exploring iPhone and iPad backups. Users may easily browse, extract, and replace files from their device backups using this graphical software. iTunes Backup Explorer is displayed to be an up-to-date option, working with iOS 10.2 and after versions if the backup is encrypted or not.

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Software that offers encrypted backups is limited and most times only come in free trials or at a high cost. But iTunes Backup Explorer solves it with an open-source option that is right for power users and everyday users.

Making sure Java is installed on your computer is the first step in using iTunes Backup Explorer. Open a terminal window and enter "java -version" to check if Java is installed or not. If Java cannot be detected or if the version is less than 11, you can download and install it from the official website that is compatible with your operating system.

Follow the instructions displayed on the screen to get the latest JAR file for iTunes Backup Explorer after Java has been installed successfully. The installation method changes widely depending on the operating system that you are using.

On Windows computers very easily open tools only need to click on the download file to open the tool. You can also use the command line to locate the file and type "java -jar JARFILE.jar," replacing "JARFILE.jar" with the original filename.

Users of MacOS should use the terminal to access the download directory and type the command "chmod +x JARFILE.jar." The JAR file is given executable benefits by this command. Make sure Full File Access is turned on in the Jar Launcher and After that, double-clicking the file will enable you to run the software. Run the command "java -jar JARFILE.jar" in the terminal if it doesn't work.

To allow the JAR file executable permissions, Linux users need to access the download directory via the terminal and type the command "chmod +x JARFILE.jar". By double-clicking the file, you may be able to launch the software using your unique system. Use the command "java -jar JARFILE.jar" to start it if the first way doesn't work.

Once iTunes Backup Explorer has been successfully launched, you may use the "File Search" option to look for specific files within your backup. The search function uses the case-insensitive "%" and "" commas and the SQLite LIKE syntax. While "" means any single character, "%" means any order of zero or more characters. Enter your search term and hit the Search button to look for files. By clicking on the column headers, the results can also be sorted.

Enter your search term, select Search, and then double-click the Size column header to find the largest files. Use the Export Matching button in the bottom right corner to export every file that matches your search. You can export the chosen files using this function to a directory of your choice.

The added power is offered by the hierarchical "Files" tab, which enables you to do different actions on particular files. You can open, extract, replace, or delete a specific file by right-clicking on a file row. The option to display the target location can be expanded to symbols by this feature.

In the current online world, privacy is an important issue, and iTunes Backup Explorer deals with this via a privacy-conscious stand. The software developer is sure that no personal information is collected by it, and does not it create an internet connection. While this is how it is now, the software will be fast updated if something changes in the future with respect to collecting information or connectivity.

iTunes Backup Explorer was created as a result of andrewdotn's amazing StackOverflow response, which has received over 220,000 views. The solution goes into great detail about iOS backups, including their foundation, encryption methods, and functional code examples. Thank you to Andrewdotn and other contributors including "iPhone Data Protection in Depth," "iOS Hacker's Handbook," a GitHub comment, the "iPhone-data protection" project, the "Apple iOS Security Guide for iOS 11" (archived version), and Jack Farley's "Forensic Analysis of iTunes Backups."

Download Link

  • iTunes Backup Explorer V1.4  - Download (Mac and Linux Same File)


What new iTunes Backup Explorer V1.4
  • Added ability to delete whole folders (#16)
  • Added ability to show symbolic link targets
  • Added a separate icon for symbolic links
  • Improved file deletion performance
  • Fixed file replacement for system domain files

Everyone looking to look into, manage, and work with iPhone and iPad backups will find iTunes Backup Explorer for Windows to be a useful tool. It offers users a complete solution for their backup needs due to its user-friendly interface and broad features.

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