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PyDroidGUI Android ADB Fastboot Tools 2023 New Tool

PyDroidGUI Android ADB Fastboot Tools V1.3 Latest

PyDroidGUI is a free and open-source Android platform-tools GUI that provides a user-friendly interface for managing and controlling Android devices. It offers a wide range of features, including ADB information, Android Fastboot, Android Logcat, device backup, Android GSI flashing, Fastboot mode bootloader unlocking, Android Boot.img dumping, partition scheme selection, and new DPI setting.

Features PyDroidGUI

ADB Info: View detailed information about your Android device, including device name, product name, bootloader version, Android version, and build ID.

Android Fastboot: Access Fastboot mode directly from the PyDroidGUI interface to perform various tasks, such as flashing custom ROMs, recovering bricked devices, and unlocking bootloaders.

Android Logcat: Monitor and analyze Android device logs in real-time to identify and troubleshoot issues.

Backup Device: Backup important files and folders from your Android device to your computer, including DCIM, PICTURES, DOWNLOAD, MUSIC, and DOCUMENT directories.

Android GSI: Easily flash Android Generic System Images (GSIs) onto your Android device by browsing and selecting GSI files directly from the PyDroidGUI interface.

Fastboot Mode Unlock Bootloader: Unlock the bootloader of your Android device directly from PyDroidGUI to gain root access and install custom ROMs.

DUMP Android Boot.img: Dump the Android Boot.img file from your device to your computer for modification or backup purposes.

Choose Partition scheme: Select the appropriate partition scheme for your device, such as A-Only Partition or A|B partition, before performing flashing operations.

New DPI Set: Set a custom DPI (dots per inch) value for your Android device to adjust the display scaling and improve the user experience.


Added support for QUALCOMM QRD Devices.

Bumped version string to 1.3.

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