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iBypassSignal for iPhone and iPad Unlock 2024

iBypassSignal v2.0: Added iOS 17.x

iBypassSignal is a software tool for Windows and macOS that claims to bypass the iCloud Lock on various iPhone and iPad models. It promises to do so with a single click, making it seemingly easy to erase a device and start fresh. However, there are several important things to consider before using this tool:


  • iBypassSignal claims to bypass the iCloud Lock, which is a security feature designed to prevent unauthorized access to a lost or stolen device. Bypassing this lock can have ethical and legal implications, depending on the circumstances.
  • The tool reportedly allows flashing and unlocking the device, which could potentially damage the device or void its warranty.
  • It's important to note that the tool's effectiveness may vary depending on the specific device model and iOS version.

What's new!

iBypassSignal V2.0 Windows Tool Released
Support iOS 15/16/17 Jailreabk + Bypass AIO

Pricing and Activation:

iBypassSignal is not free. Users need to purchase activation codes from the developer for each device they want to unlock. The prices vary depending on the device model and iOS version, ranging from $5.6 to $29.99.
This pay-per-device model raises concerns about the tool's legitimacy and potential for exploitation.

Device Model iOS Version Price
iPad 5th (2017) iOS 16 $5.6
iPad 6th (2018) iOS 17 $13
iPad 7th (2019) iOS 17 $13
iPad Air 1 iOS 12 $5.6
iPad Air 2 iOS 15 $5.6
iPad Mini 2 iOS 12 $5.6
iPad Mini 3 iOS 12 $5.6
iPad Mini 4 iOS 16 $5.6
iPad Pro 10.5 iOS 17 $13
iPad Pro 12.9 iOS 16 $5.6
iPad Pro 2 12.9 iOS 17 $13
iPad Pro 9.7 iOS 16 $5.6
iPhone 5S iOS 12 $5
iPhone 6 Plus iOS 12 $10
iPhone 6 iOS 12 $10
iPhone 6s Plus iOS 15 $12
iPhone 6s iOS 15 $12
iPhone 7 Plus iOS 15 $15
iPhone 7 iOS 15 $15
iPhone 8 Plus iOS 16 $22
iPhone 8 iOS 16 $22
iPhone SE (1st Gen) iOS 15 $12
iPhone X iOS 16 $29.99

Support and Risks:

The article mentions that users can contact the developer for support or troubleshooting if they encounter any issues with the tool. However, it's unclear how responsive or reliable this support is.
Using this type of tool can come with risks, such as data loss, malware infection, or bricking the device. It's crucial to weigh the potential benefits against these risks before proceeding.


If you're the rightful owner of the device and have forgotten your Apple ID password, there are legitimate ways to recover access through Apple's official channels.
If you're looking to purchase a used device, it's essential to verify its status and ensure it's not locked to an iCloud account before making the purchase.

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iBypassSignal offers a seemingly convenient way to bypass iCloud Lock on iPhones and iPads. However, its ethical and legal implications, potential risks, and unclear support raise concerns about its use. Before considering this tool, it's crucial to understand its limitations and explore alternative solutions.

Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only and does not endorse or promote the use of any unauthorized software tools. It's important to use technology responsibly and ethically.

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