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Xiaomi HyperOS BootLoader Bypass 2024

Xiaomi HyperOS BootLoader Bypass 2024

This is a demonstration of how to exploit a flaw to get around the BootLoader unlocked account binding rules imposed by the Xiaomi HyperOS community.

Caution Unlocking the BootLoader may expose you to the following risks:

Malfunctioning or damaged software or hardware. Loss of data stored on the device. Credit card fraud, or other financial loss. You should be aware of these risks and accept full responsibility for them if you decide to unlock the BootLoader. This list is not exhaustive. You have been warned.

Warranty voided. You may lose not only the basic warranty but also any additional extended warranties (such as Mi Care or broken-screen warranty) that you have bought from Xiaomi. Hardware-level self-destruction like Samsung Knox. TEE-related features will be irreversibly harmed. The only way to fix this is to change the motherboard. Abnormal functioning after installing a third-party system due to closed-source kernel source code. Device or account blocked by unlocking BootLoader. If you face any of these issues, you are out of luck. Xiaomi has violated its own ‘geek’ spirit and even the GPL by restricting BootLoader unlocking. There is no end to Xiaomi’s limitations on BootLoader unlocking, and we as developers are powerless to change that.

📲 Unlocking prerequisites A valid device:

A non-blocked* Xiaomi, Redmi, or POCO device. Your device is running the official version of HyperOS. (Update 2023/11/23) Your device is not required to verify account eligibility by Xiaomi. A valid SIM card:

Except for tablets that cannot use SIM cards. SIM card must be in service. SIM card must have internet access. Only 2 devices per valid SIM card can be unlocked with a valid SIM card within three months. A valid Xiaomi account:
A non-blocked* Xiaomi account. Each account can only unlock 1 phone in a month and 3 phones in a year. You have read and understood the Caution above.

According to the unlocking guidelines provided by Xiaomi, it will ban some accounts and devices from using the unlocking tool, which is known as “risk control”.

⚙️ How to use Download and install PHP 8.0+ for your system from the official website. Enable OpenSSL and Curl extension in php.ini. (And/or set extension_dir to your PHP’s ext directory if the script does not work.) Put adb.php in php-adb to the directory. Download platform tools and put them in libraries. Note: Mac OS needs to rename adb to adb-darwin. Open a terminal and use a PHP interpreter to run the script. p.s. Releases have included the required files and click-to-run scripts. Tap repeatedly on the Settings - About Phone - MIUI Version to enable Development Options. Enable OEM Unlocking, USB Debugging, and USB Debugging (Security Settings) in Settings - Additional Settings - Development Options. Log in to a valid* Xiaomi account. Connect the phone to the PC via a wired interface. Check Always Allow from this computer and click OK.

See “Unlocking Prerequisites” above. Wait and follow the instructions of the script. After successful binding, you can use the official unlock tool to check the time you need to wait. During the waiting period, please use the device normally, keep the SIM card inserted, do not log out of your account or turn off Find My Phone, and do not re-bind the device until it is successfully unlocked. The device will automatically send HeartBeat packets to the server every once in a while.

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